COVID-19 Update

Hello Out There!
Don’t Let Lockdown get you Down.

Until I am able to resume my courses and classes for vocal workout, I am offering one to one lessons in my lovely Music Room – a totally separate space from my home.
With windows and doors on both sides, it offers a safe and airy environment in which to learn and master the art of connecting singing with overall wellbeing.

Take time to breathe – it is the greatest power on earth…… Unknown.

My classes begin at the beginning and take you on a journey of discovery.
A journey that has the ability to
Strengthen your Core and Empower your Mind and your Body through breathing.

I believe vocal breath can be channeled.

Giving Strength and Stability to your Voice.
Boosting your Energy Levels
Expanding and Strengthening your Lungs and Lung Capacity.
Feeding Your Emotions and You Confidence.

Were you told you couldn’t sing?

Everyone can sing!

Ever since I was a child I have been learning to sing, Yes – I am still learning.
Little did I realise how much I was benefiting from studying singing.
Learning to technique of vocal development gave me so much more:

  • Core Strength
  • Breath Control
  • Physical Health
  • Mental Wellbeing
  • Vocal Strength and projection

The ability to be calm and still

A Stress and Anxiety Busting Bonus.

For Me : Music was the catalyst, loving Song and Performance.

For You : It may be the same or simply a desire to improve your singing and speaking ability.
You may wish to take advantage of the benefits alone through learning vocal technique.
Perhaps you may just want to boost your energy levels, Raise you Spirits, feel more Confident and enjoy the lift it gives .

All are welcome – Tuition will be tapered to the individual.

Come On – Be Adventurous.  Get in Touch and Book a Lesson Now.
I Look Forward To Hearing From You.

With A Song In My Heart,

For more information Tel 07976 393 452 or Email


The Voice

“Linda’s voice has been described as:

“Peacefully Beautiful”, “Unmanufactured”, “Technically Accomplished”, “A Nightingale Singing”

Her repertoire is vast and covers most genres including: Traditional Folk/Celtic, Sacred and Secular, Opera, Christmas and Film Titles as well as her own compositions.

Linda is a true soprano with clarity to her voice that is youthful, refreshing and technically accomplished.

Linda performs Opera, Sacred, Celtic Folk and Traditional music. Singing always from the heart, Linda performs a classical crossover programme that reaches into every vocal style.

“Linda Tolchard has sung in my home at Belvoir Castle most beautifully. She has an enchanting voice and we were thrilled to hear her.” – HER GRACE THE DUCHESS OF RUTLAND”

Vocal Workout Classes

Have you always wanted to sing but never had the confidence to try? My 6 week Vocal Workout Classes will teach you how!

Covering breathing techniques to projecting your voice and so much more in between, you will leave feeling more confident and in control of your voice! Take a look at my News and Events page for upcoming dates.


New Album Launch

Linda launched her new album “Wild Rose” on BBC Radio Lancashire with presenter John Gilmore.

Wild Rose is very much a journey in music through my life. Some of the tracks reach back into my childhood with songs I sang in Musical Festivals throughout the North of England where I grew up.

These songs bring memories of success as a young girl, winning trophies for a talent I wasn’t really aware I had at the time. They recall happy times, the smell of the sea, family, childhood loves and losses, tears of joy and of sadness and some remarkable people who believed in me.

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Calling Me Home is Linda Tolchard’s first professional album. The wonderful thing about an album that has no major record company intervention is that the voice is always the most prominent element.

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Christmas by Candlelight is a selection of traditional Christmas songs sung by Linda Tolchard featuring such classics as Silent Night, White Christmas, The Little Road To Bethlehem among many more.

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“These songs bring memories of success as a young girl, winning trophies for a talent I wasn’t really aware I had at the time They recall happy times the smell of the sea, family, childhood loves and losses, tears of joy and of sadness…”

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